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Phil sees MINIONS from Universal Pictures-December 14, 2015

I saw DESPICABLE ME when it first came out back in 2010. It wasn't my favorite film but I did fall in love with those cute, little yellow minions. Apparently so did the rest of the world. Then DESPICABLE ME 2 came out and then the minion fandom really took off. There were toys, games, posters, rides, even a kids cereal! Soon it became clear that eventually Universal Pictures were going to release a minion movie to cash in on the popularity. And wouldn't you know it? They did release a minion movie entitled MINIONS. And it was a cute movie to watch too.

Theatrical Movie Poster (2015)
The film's official synopsis: Ever since the dawn of time, the Minions have lived to serve the most despicable of masters. From T. Rex to Napoleon, the easily distracted tribe has helped the biggest and the baddest of villains. Now, join protective leader Kevin, teenage rebel Stuart and lovable little Bob on a global road trip where they'll earn a shot to work for a new boss-the world's first female super-villain-and try to save all of Minionkind...from annihilation.

As with most kids movies, the plot is pretty straight forward and predicable but you know what? Who bloody cares! Why do I say this? Because it was a cute, sweet and funny movie that tickled my funny bone and me forget about life's problems for a while. Being an adult and parent, I have a lot to worry about stress over. There's work, bills that need to be paid, rent, car issues, groceries, laundry, etc. But when was the last time you indulged your inner child? Whenever I see a family film, I always like to stress that idea. Go ahead and just have fun watching a film that will make you laugh out loud with joy and care-free delight. After all, that's what being a child is all about.

The movie was directed by the combo of Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin, the later directed the DESPICABLE ME films. They keep the film light on its feet, the laughs frequent and the fun at full throttle. The script was written by one Brian Lynch, the man who wrote PUSS IN BOOTS, HOP and the upcoming Illumination Entertainment/Universal Pictures release THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS. Granted this isn't the best written story, but for the kids, they will eat it up. And I wouldn't be surprised if you and your family started quoting the movie as well. Plus, since the film takes place in 1968 (yup, this is a prequel), there's a lot of far out catchphrases to quote man.

Actress Sandra Bullock finally makes her villain debut as the infamous Scarlet Overkill who, along with her ultra groovy husband Herb (Jon Hamm),is in need of some henchmen to help her take over England. Bullock's portrayal of Scarlet is evil, nasty and hilariously entertaining to watch. She's just simply a cold-blooded monster that we get to laugh at. So she's a despicable villain that you'll love to hate. The great Michael Keaton and Allison Janney play funny villain couple Walter and Madge Nelson respectively, who pick-up our hitchhiking yellow friends and take them along to the super cool Villain-Con where they meet their new master.

Co-director Coffin provides the voices to out three favorite minions: Bob, Kevin and Stewart. They're cute, yellow, funny and lovable and are so mass marketed now that I'll make you sick. Seriously these guys are freaking everywhere. But that's OK cause that's Hollywood for you. But in all honesty, I really did enjoy the movie and all the wacky, crazy schenanigans these three get into. Kevin is the brave leader who must keep them together and focused on their mission of locating a super villain to work for. Stewart is the guitar playing, smooth talking ladies man who might love his bananas more. And then there's Bob. Yeah, I love Bob. He's my favorite minion just because he's so damn adorable! I just wanna pinch those fat cheeks of his and give him a whole barrel of bananas!! 

Overall MINIONS gets my vote for Best Family Film of the Year!! It'll warm your heart while make you laugh out loud with action and adventure that only a minion could have! So grab the family together and see this movie! 4 out of 5 stars!! Highly recommended!!

MINIONS is now available on both Blu-Ray and DVD at your local retailer. The movie is also available at your local Redbox as well as on Netflix and Video On Demand.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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