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Phil Gets Tromatized: THE CHOSEN ONE: LEGEND OF THE RAVEN (1998) from Troma Entertainment - May 19, 2016

Starring: Carmen Electra, Shauna Sand, Debra Xavier, Dave Oliver, Tim Bagley, Conrad Bachmann, Leslie Hunt, Billy A. Fox, Lawrence Lanoff, Priscilla Taylor, Charles Santore
Written by Sam Rappaport & Khara Bromiley
Cinematography by Robert C. New
Edited by India Rose & Thomas Teltser
Produced by Lawrence Lanoff, Hoke M. Rose, India Rose, Corey Kiefer & James Velasquez 
Directed by Lawrence Lanoff
Distributed by Troma Entertainment 

Welcome back to another edition of Phil Gets Tromatized where I'll be reviewing the films from Troma Entertainment's vast library. Today's film review is one of several films that Troma has released to feature a future Hollywood star. In one of her earliest starring roles, singer/model/actress Carmen Electra would go on to star in television shows and major Hollywood movies as well as grace the pages of Playboy Magazine. But before all the fame, fortune and notoriety, she starred in the Redsploitation Troma film THE CHOSEN ONE: LEGEND OF THE RAVEN directed by Lawrence Lanoff.

The film's official synopsis: Sexy superstar Carmen Electra (star of TV’s Baywatch and MTV’s Singled Out) explodes onto the screen in her feature film debut as McKenna Ray, THE CHOSEN ONE: the ultimate warrior in the battle between good and evil. When her sister Emma (Playboy Playmate Shauna Sand Lamas, star of TV’s hit series Renegade) is viciously murdered, McKenna, a cynical young lady, enters a world which she left long ago. Guided by her shaman father and Emma’s spirit, McKenna discovers that she holds the key within her to prevent the apocalypse. Carmen Electra is THE CHOSEN ONE, a powerful beautiful avenging force of purity who’s sole purpose is to defend the weak and destroy the wicked.

Original VHS Box Cover (1998)
I saw this movie when it was first released on VHS and I loved it right from the start for several reasons. First, Carmen Electra was in it and I had a mad crush on this woman. Second, she had a cool costume and looked hot in it. Third, it had an interesting plot that was equal parts of THE CROW and classic exploitation cinema, which I enjoyed. Fourth, it was just an awesome B-movie to sit back and watch. It's really that simple people.

With this being her film debut, Electra did a great job and showed the world that she wasn't just another pretty face (which she still has and looks absolutely stunning). Her Indian ceremonial dance she did in the that outfit was so damn sexy. But there was one thing that did bother and that was she had a body double for her sex scene. This still baffles me to this day. She posed nude for Playboy for crying out loud but she had a double for the sex scene. The only logical conclusion I came up with was maybe she was nervous to do the scene with her male co-star Dave Oliver, who played Henry her love interest in the film. Posing nude and doing a sex scene in a movie are two totally different things I suppose, but I thought her acting was great.

Another Playboy Playmate  to appear in the film was the former Shauna Sand Lamas, who at the time was married to Lorenzo Lamas, star of the hit television show Renegade. Sultry, sexy and her running in the forest in the beginning of the film is the stuff every teenage boy's fantasy, Sand's acting is as legendary as her breasts. Not saying she can't act because she can a little bit. But to be honest, she is eye candy in the film, but her wardrobe in the movie more than makes up for her acting abilities.

The last actress I wanted to mention was Debra Xavier, who portrayed Nora/The Wolf in the movie. Better known from the steamy television series Red Shoe Diaries, her performance was really good and let me just say, she can play crazy like no other. Oh, and look for the director in here as well playing Serial Killer Bob. He's just as psychotic as she is!

THE CHOSEN ONE: LEGEND OF THE RAVEN is another fine B-rated Troma classic that you have to see to believe! It's so bad it's good motto fits this movie like a glove, but it really is a decent little movie! And it's pretty hot and sexy as well! So go see this late 90's flick and have fun watching it! 3 1/2 out of 5 stars! Worth checking out!

THE CHOSEN ONE: LEGEND OF THE RAVEN is currently available on DVD at your local retailer. The film is also available at the Troma website. To purchase this film as well as books, posters and Blu-Rays and DVDs, visit

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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