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Phil interviews actress Leilani Fideler from the upcoming film B.C. BUTCHER from Troma Entertainment-February 24, 2016

Actress Leilani Fidler (courtesy of IMDb)
As I mention in my Troma Entertainment anniversary tribute, the company just recently launched their new streaming service Troma Now, where fans can watch a plethora of movies, television shows and world premieres. One of those premieres was their newest acquisition B.C. BUTCHER, directed by Kansas Bowling. A couple of months ago I began a series of email interviews with the cast of the film, culminating with the film's director. The first in the series, I had the great pleasure with interviewing lead actress Leilani Fideler, who portrays Neandra in the film. Below is my interview with this very sweet, charming and talented actress.

Phil Castor: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and your upbringing.

Leilani Fideler: I'm part of the rare breed of actors that were born, grew up, and STILL LIVE in Los Angeles! I'm lucky to have parents that just celebrated 30 years together and a brother that I enjoy. I'm definitely a city-type, but will always appreciate a trip to the country! 

PC: You definitely are a rare breed indeed. Are your parents and brother in the film industry as well?

LF: Thanks! My family is not in the film industry.

PC: Did you always wanted to be an actress or was it something you fell into?

LF: I fell into acting at the young age of 13. I've been through dance lessons, music lessons, sports, painting, etc. but the craft of acting has stuck around. It's so much fun and mentally challenging! I believe I'm growing as a person while I grow as an artist.

PC: You were also a production assistant on television shows like Melrose Place and Pretty Little Liars. How did you get involved with these shows?

LF: Yes I was!! MP and PLL were my first two immediate jobs after college graduation. I wanted to be as close to the industry as I could! An assistant job in the TV world is really tough, but I learned a great deal on these sets, learning the behind-the-scenes processes has helped me as an actress.

PC: Where did you attend college at? What were you majoring in?

LF: I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications at the University of Colorado at Boulder. It was a fantastic life experience to be there!

Fideler as Neandra from B.C. BUTCHER (photo courtesy of Leilani Fideler)
PC: So how did you meet director Kansas Bowling? Were you two friends prior?

LF: B.C. BUTCHER brought us together and I'm so very grateful we crossed paths! This was here first film and my first film too! She's a really hard worker and believes in everything she puts out there. I really admire that. I hope to collaborate with her serve as more times down the road.

PC: What attracted you to be involved with her film debut B.C. BUTCHER?

LF: Her casting directors had me scream and struggle during my audition. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would!! The genre was new to me and actors LOVE to play!

PC: Sounds like you had a fun-filled audition. Were you interested in the horror genre previously? What are your favorite film genres?

LF: I really love period piece films. Every once in a while I'll have the courage to watch a horror film but I'm too scared, to be honest

PC: Tell us about your character Neandra. What made you decide to portray her?

LF: I was ecstatic that Kansas chose me for her lead female! She recognized that I could portray a strong aura, which is Neandra. But what I especially thank Kansas and her writing partner for is that they gave Neandra contradictions and her inner struggles. She is a human being after all! I'm glad audiences could hate her and love her all the same.

PC: Did Kansas allow you to improvise to being more elements to Neandra?

LF: Kansas is so great because she allowed all the actors freedom to improvise their idea of the characters. One day I lightly suggested to Kansas that Neandra have a mental breakdown with tears after discovering her lover's affair coupled with the deaths of her tribe members. I mean, wouldn't YOU break your "heroism" with a good cry after events like these? Kansas happily accepted.

Behind-the-scenes (photo courtesy of Leilani Fideler)
PC: Sounds like you had a lot of fun with your character! What were some of the things you took away from this experience?

LF: Talk to the camera crew. They have a wealth of knowledge about equipment and it's really fascinating!

PC: The movie was shot on 16mm film. How do you feel about the current debate between shooting on film versus using digital camera?

LF: This is a great question for our director Kansas Bowling! Filmmakers know exactly how they want their work to look and feel. Kansas wanted to keep it authentic by using film and I think it looks fantastic!

PC: What projects are currently working on now?

LF: I'm taking my career to New York City! More projects and stage productions to come in 2016!!

PC: Oh really? How exciting! Can you give us any clues as to which stage productions you will be involved in?

LF: I'm still in the process of searching and auditioning.

PC: What are your future plans in the film industry? Will we see you someday become a director or producer?

LF: Actor-producer is definitely a possibility for me! Directing is not out of the question. I will need to shadow a few directors before I feel confident enough!

PC: What advice would you give to all aspiring and upcoming female talents who want to break into the film industry, especially those who wish to bring diversity and a feminine voice to the overpopulated male dominated Hollywood?

LF: I wouldn't say I'm in a position to give aspiring actresses advice, but I would definitely offer encouragement and support. The industry is extremely challenging to navigate and because of that, a lot of agents' casting directors, producers, etc will shy you away from dreaming BIG! Appreciate what others are trying to tell you, but take things with a grain of salt. Focus on your goals and aspirations!

PC: Thank you for your time Leilani!

LF: Thank you Phil! =)

To learn more about Leilani Fideler, visit her IMDb page and follow her Twitter and Instagram accounts. To learn more about Troma and their upcoming release of B.C. BUTCHER, visit their website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show! 

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