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Phil finally watches ANOTHER EARTH-February 17, 2012

Now usually I don't review films that I see on television or on DVD (I do the Bollywood DVDs for the simple pleasure that you need to see these films), but couple of weeks ago I was over my friend's place and we watched the indie science fiction film ANOTHER EARTH and for some reason, I cannot stop thinking about how amazing this film was! And since it only played for literally a week here in San Jose, I think you, my faithful readers, should know more about this extraordinary film.

Theatrical Movie Poster (2011)
This film's about a young high school senior named Rhoda Williams (Brit Marley). She's funny, carefree, and incredibly intelligent. In fact she is so smart that she has just been accepted at MIT to study the universe. To celebrate this very special occasion, she goes out partying with her friends. However, while driving home intoxicated, she hears a story on the radio about a planet that looks just like Earth. So she gazes out her car window at the stars and inadvertently hits a stopped car at an intersection, putting John Burroughs (William Mapother) in a coma and killing his wife and son. Rhoda is sentenced to 4 years in prison, but because she is a minor, her identity is not reveled to John. After serving her time, she returns home with her family, but she is still being haunted by her past. While taking a job as a custodian at her old high school, Rhoda decides to confront John and apologize for her actions. When she arrives at his place, she lies to him and says that she is a maid and John hires him to clean his house, which has been let go after his family's death. John is numb and has completely shut out the rest of the world. Seeking a new life, Rhoda applies to to win tickets to the other Earth, to which she does. However life for her on this Earth has become more complicated as she and John develop feeling for one another. But will she revel the truth to him and risk his love or will she depart for the other Earth and start her life anew?

This film is more about the characters, more of a human story than a pure science fiction film. But the film is very deep and emotional; it makes you the audience think and self-analyze yourselves. Overall, one has to imagine the idea of being responsible of destroying not just one life, but three lives, plus your own and those close to you. Life is short and you might stop and think that what are or will be the repercussions of your actions. For Rhoda, this is something that never crossed her mind, as a result, she had to pay the price and live with her guilt.

Outstanding performances by both Marley and Mapother, who create such grief stricken and lost characters that this reviewer hasn't seen in a very long time. Both Rhoda and John are people we can invest out time and emotions into and come out leaving as if you have just lived their sad and traumatic lives. Also great job to director Mike Cahill, who also co-wrote the film with Marley. This was Cahill's feature film debut, and it received rave reviews from those who say the film originally at the Sundance Film Festival. It played mostly at independent movie theaters ans well as some art house theaters.

ANOTHER EARTH is a gem of a film; a deeply sensitive and thought provoking film that must be shared by those who love films. Nothing will prepare you of just how incredible the film is. And the big surprise ending will leave you debating about it with your friends for hours. So if you see this film on either your local cable provider or at your favorite video store, pick it up and be transported to movie nirvana. Five out of five stars!!

ANOTHER EARTH is available on both Blu-Ray combo packs and on standard DVD. To purchase a copy, visit your local retailer or visit the Amazon website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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