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Phil attends the Sinister Creature Con at the Stockton Arena June 10th & 11th, 2017 - September 13, 2017

I normally don't like to talk about my personal life at all, but due to some personal setbacks and relocating back to my hometown of San Jose, one of the things that was put aside was my coverage of the SINISTER CREATURE CON that I attended back in June of this year. I had every intention on finishing this, but as I stated earlier, life has a way of throwing obstacles in your path. However, I am now able to share with you my amazing experience of this extraordinary event that hit the central valley. To all those I met at the con, sorry for the tardiness and hope to see you all again soon. Thanks for understanding and enjoy my post!

Now one of the advantages of being a popular film blogger is that I get to cover many film events throughout California: film festivals, conventions, special events, etc. It's been a long time since I've attended anything like this but this past June 10th and 11th, I had the honor and opportunity to cover the SINISTER CREATURE CON (Northern California's SFX, Mask, Makeup, & Horror Culture convention) at the Stockton Arena in Stockton, California. The convention is put on by the Sacramento Horror Film Festival and the also do The Rocky Horror Picture Show events at the Colonial Theatre with the Amber Sweets shadowcast. This was a big weekend for horror fans in the valley and yours truly was there to see it all!

There was a lot of celebrities in attendance that weekend, including the AMERICAN MARY Reunion panel featuring Katharine Isabelle, Tristan Risk and the Twisted Twins themselves, filmmakers Jen and Sylvia Soska. Another reunion taking place that weekend was the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS with Heather Langencamp, Ken Sagoes, Jennifer Rubin, Ira Heiden and Rodney Eastman. The convention also had ROCKY HORROR guests Barry Bostwick & Nell Campbell were there as well as filmmaker and creator of the PHANTASM franchise Don Coscarelli, actors Tom Atkins (Creepshow, Night of the Creeps, Halloween III), Daeg Faerch (Rob Zombie's Halloween), actresses Diane Franklin (Better Off Dead, Amityville II, TerrorVision), Brooke Theiss (Nightmare on Elm Street 4, Just the 10 of Us) and Amanda Wyss (Nightmare on Elm Street, Better Off Dead) just to name a few. Also Ve Neill, Walter Welsh, Alan Carnes, from Face/Off and Dutch Bihary Alison Kenyon from Skin Wars were there plus all the cool exhibitors, dealers, cosplayers and more!
The Sinister Creature Con Crew setting up their main booth.
Hello and welcome the Sinister Creature Con Stockton 2017!
The awesome layout of sellers at the Sinister Creature Con.
Scary Clown Girl, Freddy Kruger and Wednesday Adams welcomes you all to the con.
One of the awesome folks I meet at the convention was cartoonist Paul Allen. He is the man behind the Hypno-Skull Comics. One terrific guy that you should buy comics from! Check out his website at a and buy his comics and art!
These fine folks represent the incredible MONSTERS IN MODESTO! They are part of the CEMETARIUM HAUNTED HOUSE group that includes PSYCHO CIRCUS, ZOMBIE HEIGHTS and a few others. They're a haunted house attraction that you should definately check out! To learn more about them and their October schedule, check out their website at
Also in attendance were my good friends from BARELY LEGAL PRODUCTIONS! They are a ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Shadowcast that I've been friends with for years! They have shows in San Jose and Albany. To learn more about them and their schedule appearances, visit their website at
These cute couple work for the horror news website iHorror. It's a great website with a plethora of horror news for you to sink your fangs into. Visit them at You can also download the app onto your smartphone from either the Apple App Store or from Google Play.
Now here's a couple you need to know! This lovely lady is the one and only Krystal Shay aka Kushbunnyy, the hottest bunnyy in the world! Words fail me to describe her, but she is one of the sweetest, kindest and sexiest woman I know! Make sure you check out the website at and check out all her social media outlets while your there! Now the handsome stud next to her is Drew Marvick, filmmaker extraordinaire! This Las Vegas based auteur is the write/director of the ultra-cool slasher film POOL PARTY MASSACRE, which yours truly will be doing a review of it soon! One talented filmmaker and an awesome guy to hang out and talk movies with. To purchase a copy of the movie as well as sweet memorabilia, visit his website at
This is one of my friends Carlyfornia Love. I've seen her at numerous conventions up and down the West Coast! From MONSTERPALOOZA to the SINISTER CREATURE CON, it's always a pleasure seeing a familiar face. Her booth has some fantastic and hard-to-find movies so if you see her, definitely check out her booth!
This is one bad ass muther fucker right here! The name's Stephen Biro and he is the CEO/Owner of UNEARTHED FILMS! His label is notorious in the horror genre, releasing some of the most gut-wrenching, vile and controversial films of all time. His infamous film franchise is the AMERICAN GUINEA PIG series, which has garnered acclaim and disgust from critics and fans alike. To learn more about label and their film catalog, visit their website at
Canadian filmmakers and identical twin sisters Jen and Sylvia Soska aka The Soska Sisters aka The Twisted Twins burst onto the scene with their 2009 indie film DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. The latter received critical acclaim for their 2012 film AMERICAN MARY. Soon the twins added SEE NO EVIL 2 and VENDETTA to their list of films. They are currently working on the David Cronenberg remake of RABID. To learn more about the Soska Siters and their projects, visit their website at
One of the highlights from that weekend was meeting the legendary filmmaker Don Coscarelli. He is the creator of the PHANTASM franchise as well as other cult classics like THE BEASTMASTER, BUBBA HO-TEP and JOHN DIES AT THE END. We had a great conversation and is just a really wonderful, down-to-earth kinda guy! Really had a pleasure meeting this horror icon. You can follow Don Coscarelli on both Facebook and Twitter.
This is a Weeping Angel from the BBC show DOCTOR WHO. They scare the hell outta me! 'Nuff said!!
Another friend I saw that weekend was the incredible Melissa Laroue, who was there signing autographs. She is a local celebrity, having been on the much beloved KOFY TV20 local show CREEPY KOFY MOVIE TIME as one of the Cave Girls. A former US Marine Corps, she's gone on to become a model, an actress and is a Bay Area treasure! I am very lucky to call her my friend! You can follow Melissa on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

This was the first horror convention in the Stockton area in a long time and I must say that this was an unprecedented success! There were so many celebrities, so many vendors, so many booths and so much fun was had by all! The next Sinister Creature Con will take place on October 14th and 15th, 2017 at the Scottish Rite Center in Sacramento, CA. Some of the celebrities attending the con will be Ted Raimi, Danielle Harris, Kevin Tenney, Uwe Boll, Lita from the WWE, Marky Ramone from the legendary punk band The Ramones, and so much more! To learn more about the convention and to purchase tickets, visit their website at To learn more about the Sacramento Horror Film Festival, visit their website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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