Thursday, May 31, 2018

Phil sees AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR for the third time at the Cinelux Almaden Café & Lounge - May 21, 2018

Yes, I saw AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR for the third time! You would think I'd be tired of seeing it. Well then, you don't know me very well. I'm the type of person that can watch the same movie over and over and over again. Yup, I'm weird!

Another reason I wanted to see it again was that this past weekend Disney announced the release date for the Blu-Ray for the film! Already!! It's been in theaters for only a month for crying out loud!! Sure, the movie made a shitload of money, but still?!? WTF!! That's why I went to see it again. However, I am planning on seeing it several more times before it's gone for good. So keep an eye peeled here as I'm planning to see it at other theaters, like for example, the brand new Pruneyard Cinemas, formerly known as the Camera 7! I still would like to see it in an IMAX theater too!

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR is playing in 2D, Real 3D, and in IMAX in theaters nationwide, including at the Cinelux Theaters here in the Bay Area. To view showtimes, visit their website at

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