Monday, October 31, 2011

Phil's Horror Watch, Day 31: Phil watches HALLOWEEN (1978)-October 31, 2011

Good evening everybody and Happy Halloween!! Well folks, this is it! The end of the road. The last day of my horror movie marathon. Hard to believe it's all over after tonight. So to celebrate this evening's All Hallow's Eve, I decided to watch the film that transformed Halloween, and the horror genre, forever. Thanks to director John Carpenter, his low budget film HALLOWEEN became one of the scariest movies ever made, and helped make its villain Michael Myers into a horror movie icon.

Theatrical Movie Poster (1978)
To be honest, this one of my all-time favorite horror films ever. The movie helped establish the "rules" for the slasher genre that would come charging in with the release of FRIDAY THE 13th just two years later. The film launched Jamie Lee Curtis' film career, and Carpenter became a legendary director within the horror genre.

The film has been discussed, written, dissected, reassembled, and worshiped since its release on October 25, 1978. There is nothing I can say about the film that hasn't already been said. The film can be classified as a "perfect" film. With Carpenter's beautiful directing, Curtis' down to earth performance, and thanks to Carpenter's simplistic soundtrack, there isn't one flaw to be found within the movie. If by chance you have never seen the film, you really need to see it! In fact, it is against the law to live your life without seeing this movie!

With this film, my horror movie marathon comes to an end. I've had so much fun this month, watching all these great films in the theaters and on DVD and Blu-Ray! There were still so many films that I didn't have time to watch, but there is always next Halloween. However, I encourage all of you out there to keep the spirit of Halloween alive all year round! There are many horror films coming to the big screen, so be sure to read my blog so you too can check them out at your local theater. I hope that all the films that I watched this month will inspire you to view them too. Next month I shall be returning to the Camera Cinemas for my weekly movie fix, as well as travel back to Niles and the Castro Theatre too. Thank you all for joining me for Phil's Horror Watch!! Good night and have a Happy Halloween!!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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