Sunday, November 13, 2011

Phil goes Bollywood: Phil sees ROCKSTAR at the BIG Cinemas Towne 3-November 12, 2011

After seeing my first Bollywod film this past Wednesday, I can honestly say that I am hooked on these films! When I went to see RA.ONE on Wednesday, I saw a trailer for a film that really looked promising. Lucky for me, it was to be released on Friday. So today I went back to the BIG Cinema Towne 3 and saw the new Eros International film ROCKSTAR.

Theatrical Movie Poster (2011)
The film focuses on Janardan (Ranbir Kapoor), a young, naive college student who is also a talented musician who dreams of becoming a famous rock star just like Jim Morrison. However, nobody will take his music (or himself) seriously. Also he lacks the ability to write songs, seeing how he has never experienced any sort of tragedy; suffering from painful heartbreaks, sordid upbringings and whatever the case may be that made them the stars they are. Enter the love of his life; Heer (the enchanting Nargis Fakhri), a tough and beautiful young woman who at first dismisses Janardan's advances. Eventually she gives him a chance and soon the two become the best of friends. However, she is to be married in a couple of months. Soon their feelings for one another surface, but Heer goes through with her marriage and Janardan is left completely devastated. A few months later he is signed to a record label and becomes the rock star named Jordon. But his erratic behavior and bad bay image is fueled for his lost of Heer and only she can help save him from self-destruction.

The ultimate love letter for hopeless romantics, the film really focuses on the forbidden passion between Janardan and Heer. We the audience are sympathetic to Janardan and his quest for not only to win the heart of Keer, but his desire to become a famous rock star. Both Kapoor and Fakhri have great chemistry on screen, and their acting is honest and believable. Also worth noting is director Imtiaz Ali's superb job at keeping the camera focused on the story. Amazing shots, clean sweeps, using fast and slow motion are some of the tools he uses to tell the story of longing love.

The music of the film was created by AR Rahman and it is incredible! His music alone is worth going to see the film. When we hear the song "Saddha Haq" in the film, you too will be pumping your fist in the air with Jordan as well. This awesome soundtrack is woven perfectly within the film!

 ROCKSTAR is a dynamic, rockin', emotionally charged love film that couples everywhere should see! Leave it to Bollywood to create a fantastic and entertaining work of true art! Highly recommended!!

ROCKSTAR is currently playing at the BIG Cinemas. To view showtimes, visit their website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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