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Phil goes Bollywood: Phil watches KISMAT KONNECTION (2008)-November 28, 2011

My quest of watching Bollywood movies continues! Once again I visited my local library and checked out a TON of Hindi films. One of those films was a cute and funny, light-hearted, romantic comedy called KISMAT KONNECTION, which was a real treat to watch.

Original Hindi Movie Poster (2008)
Set in the bearthtaking city of Toronto, the film follows the misadventures of Raj Malhotra (Shahid Kapoor), an out of work Architect who just can't seem to get a break. Desperate, he visits a gypsy who he saw on late night television named Haseena Banu Jaan (Juhi Chawla). She tells him that his luck does need to change, plus his "lucky charm" and his "one in a million" will be the same. Her predictions come true in the form of the beautiful Priya (Vidya Balan), a social activist who is protesting the demolition of the community center where she works at so a shopping mall can be built in its place. Ironically, Raj has just been hired to design the shopping mall. Too make matters worse, Priya discovers that she is Raj's lucky charm and breaks up with him. Now Raj needs to figure out how to save the community center and to win back Priya's heart.

This was a cute, funny little romantic comedy with some great musical numbers. The cinematography is top notch, and credit goes to director Aziz Mirza, who does a great job keeping the film flowing smoothly without any dragging any part of the film. He also gets some terrific shots of Toronto as well as some fine performances out of his cast. Kapoor's portrayal of the unlucky but lovable Raj is fun to watch but Balan steals the show as the strong, independent, and caring Priya; giving her more dimensions to her character creates a pathos that we the audience can relate to. However we can relate to both Raj and Pryia for this one simple fact: they are both real and flawed characters, whether they're falling in love or fighting with one another. Their acting is very down to earth and relatable, so this is a bonus for the audience. The film was originally released in India on July 18, 2008.

KISMAT KONNECTION is a fun-filled romantic comedy that fans of this genre will enjoy to watch, while simultaneously being introduced to the wonderful world of Bollywood films. A real treat to watch and share with your significant other. Defiantly worth checking out!

KISMAT KONNECTION is currently available on DVD by UTV Home Entertainment. To purchase a copy, visit the Amazon website at To learn more about UTV and their film library, visit their website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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