Monday, December 12, 2011

Phil contemplates on starting a Horror Film Blog-December 12, 2011

This idea of starting a horror film blog has been dancing around in my head for the past several months. However, it wasn't til this past October when I did my horror film marathon that the idea reared its grotesque head back at me, knowing that I had unleashed it from Pandora's Box. Plus, some of you out there enjoyed my horror film reviews, and were really impressed with my horror knowledge. But I always told myself that IF I did start another blog, it would be dedicated to not just my love of horror films, but those films that are only shown in the dark shadows of theaters, hiding in amenity, kept in secret, nobody paying any attention to them whatsoever.....until now!

Horror films are only one of my passions. This new blog would also showcase my love of low budget B-movies such as VICE ACADEMY, CANNIBAL WOMEN IN THE AVOCADO JUNGLE OF DEATH, and HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS. Classic roadshow films like THE WAGES OF SIN, GAMBLING WITH SOULS, and MANIAC. Crazy Asian exploitation films such as ZERO WOMAN: RED HANDCUFFS, FEMALE PRISONER: CAGED, and GIRL BOSS GUERILLA. Traumatic Troma films like the cult classic THE TOXIC AVENGER, CLASS OF NUKE'EM HIGH, and POULTRYGEIST: NIGHT OF THE CHICKEN DEAD. Infamous exploitation films like THE VIOLENT YEARS, CHAINED GIRLS, and GIRL GANG. Sexploitation films including BAD GIRLS GO TO HELL, TRADER HORNEE, and COUNTRY CUZZINS. And of course the grindhouse films that have penetrated society like no other in these past few years. Films such as THEY CALLED HER ONE EYE, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, SCUM OF THE EARTH, THE CHEERLEADERS, SWITCHBLADE SISTERS, and SAVAGE STREETS. These are the type of films that I want to talk about, to review, and to share with all of you wonderful people out there in the dark!

So the question remains: should I start a new film blog dedicated to my favorite cinematic obsessions? And if I do, what should I call it?

Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcomed!!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!


  1. I think if it's something that you want to do, and have time for, then you should do it. I love reading horror blogs and finding out things about movies I've never seen (or heard of)

    At least you'd know, with me, you'd have a loyal reader : )

  2. Of course you know I love the idea. As the poster above me said you writing a blog dedicated entirely to low budget in the dark horror (and non horror) would be great, especially in finding films I probably would never hear of otherwise.