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Phil goes Bollywood: Phil watches JAB WE MET (2007)-December 8, 2011

Once again I traveled to that far away land in India called Bollywood where I found another priceless cinematic gem that was fun and enjoyable to watch. Starring the love of my life Kareena Kapoor, tonight's film is the romantic comedy JAB WE MET!

Theatrical Indian Movie Poster (2007)
In the film Kapoor portrays the cute, funny, quirky, carefree, feisty, and very chatty Punjab girl named Geet Kaur Dhillon, who while on a train returning home to Bhatinda meets Aditya Kashyap (Shahid Kapoor), a wealthy Mumbai-based businessman who is depressed after losing his father and being dumped by his girlfriend. After Aditya gets off the train in Bar Nagar, Geet follows him, missing her train and losing her luggage. However they make it to Bhatinda, where he meets her family, including her as well as her soon to-be betrothed, Manjeet (Veer Pratap Singh). Geet tells her family that she's marrying Aditya instead, so the family welcomes him with open arms. However Geet has a plan: she elopes with him - not to get married - but to re-locate to Manali - where her true love, Anshuman, is waiting, and who she hopes marry him. But as Aditya's life prospers, Geet's takes a turn for the worse. When her family comes looking for her, Aditya must find her and rescue her from her failed new life.

Again, Kapoor just shines as Geet: funny, witty, and just so beautiful. But when she's cast away by Anshuman, she does a complete 180, becoming sad, depressed, and reduced to a shell of her former self. A fantastic performance by Kareena Kapoor. Now the other Kappor, Shahid does a great as well; showing several different ranges of emotions as well. Both characters start off the film as emotional opposites; towards the end they end up switching places, which horrifies Aditya. Greet was his source of inspiration which enabled him to turn his life around, so he returns the favor by reminding her who she is.

Both Kreena and Shahid have great on-screen chemistry, of course it helps that this being there fourth film they starred together in. Writer and director Imtiaz Ali keeps the film light, funny, and warm hearted. Plus the dancing in the film is very impressive and the music is very catchy! Ali would go on to direct the recently released film ROCKSTAR (which was my second Bollywood film I ever saw). The film was released to theaters in India on October 26, 2007.

JAB WE MET is a fun, light-hearted, romantic comedy that will leave you with a smile on your face. Another Kapoor film to check off my list! Yes I love her! So what? Go see this film and try not to fall in love her! You can't so there! But really, check out the film. Two thumbs up!

JAB WE MET is currently available on DVD and can be purchased at your local video retailers or at Amazon. Visit their website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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