Saturday, October 13, 2018

Phil's Halloween Horror Watch: BONG OF THE LIVING DEAD (2017) from Scream Team Releasing - October 13, 2018

Starring Tiffany Arnold, Eric Boso, Daniel Alan Kiely, Laura E. Mock, Dan Nye, Cat Taylor, Sarah Starr
Screenplay by Max Groah, Tim Mayo
Cinematography by Justin Russell
Edited by Max Groah
Produced by Tiffany Arnold, Max Groah, Tim Mayo, Chris R. Mayo, Cynthia Mayo, Vincent J. Restivo
Directed by Max Groah
Released by Scream Team Releasing

Welcome folks to Day 13 of my Halloween Horror Watch! As you may have noticed, I am a big fan and supporter of the indie horror film community. There is so much activity happening now, and with technology readily available, friends and strangers are coming together to create new visions and new voices for the genre we love to death. And speaking about death, today's film comes courtesy of Scream Team Releasing and is a horror comedy that will make you feel high on life! And high of zombies too! So grab your special stash, pour your favorite bowl of cereal, and plunker down on your couch as I take you all on a stoner's nightmare come true with BONG OF THE LIVING DEAD!

The film's official synopsis: Hot off the film festival circuit and FINALLY available to enjoy from the comfort of your own couch, comes the multiple award winning stoner/zombie masterpiece from Backward Slate Productions...BONG OF THE LIVING DEAD!!! Its the story of five friends who share both a love of pot and a lifelong dream to see the zombie apocalypse become reality. But when the undead actually rise to gruesomely (and hilariously) eat the living, the group discovers it's not all corpse killing montages and mall raids ... and that their relationships will be pushed to the limit if they're going to survive.

The film is funny as hell but it also hits you in the feels, especially with its emotionally charged ending! Seriously, WTF  Max Groah! Dude, that ending was so damn emotional! I was having a blast with the film, and then that third act to a turn for the worse, meaning it got dark real fast! I was on the edge of my seat! I did not see that ending coming! Holy crap! You got me Max!! You got me good!! sniffle...what? No, I'm not crying.....sniffle sniffle......hang on a sec.......OK I'm back. I'm good, I'm good. So where was I? Oh yeah, my review of the film.

Original Festival Poster (2017)
The movie's five main leads are incredibly talented and they make it so much fun to watch! Tiffany Arnold, Eric Boso, Daniel Alan Kiely, Laura E. Mock, Dan Nye all deserve praise for their performances, especially Kiely as Hal. His scene at the oh....the feels man, the feels...hang on a sec folks...sniffle.......OK I'm back. So yeah, way to go Daniel Alan Kiely! Good work man!!

The film played at several film festivals and won numerous awards. Some of the festivals it played at include Nevermore Film Festival, Nightmares Film Festival, Twisted Dreams Film Festival, Midwest Horror, Sci-Fi & Grindhouse Film Festival, and Days of the Dead Film Festival to name a few. Then filmmaker Justin M. Seaman (writer/director of the 2016 horror film THE BARN) approached them to have it released on his distribution label Scream Team Releasing and fans of the movie are so glad he did.

Scream Team Releasing has a Blu-Ray/DVD Combo that you can choose to have unsigned or signed by the cast and crew, plus it comes with a limited edition slipcover and a signed rolled poster! So obviously, I got the autographed edition. Both discs have a plethora of special features: Audio Commentary by Backward Slate Productions, 420 Friendly Commentary, Behind the Scenes & Bloopers, Deleted Scene, Smoke Pistola Grande Informercial, Stacey Seagull Big Workout, VHS Music Video, Zombie Killer, Swords and Bitches 3, Behind the Scenes, and Trailers.

BONG OF THE LIVING DEAD is a fan festival favorite, stoner cult classic of the year!! It's got Romero references, weed, flesh-eating zombies, weed, blood and gore, awesome special effects, weed, stoner jokes, nudity, weed and.....did I mention weed? So definitely check out this bad boy this Halloween season! And don't forget to bring your favorite baseball bat weed bat! Just in case you need to crush some zombie heads between tokes! 4 out of 5 stars!! Highly recommended!!

BONG OF THE LIVING DEAD is available on a special collector's edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo, both signed and unsigned by the cast and crew from Scream Team Releasing. To purchase a copy for yourself, please visit their website at

Thanks for watching, and enjoy the horror!

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