Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Phil attends the SCARY COW PRIME CUTS 5TH ANNIVERSARY FILM FESTIVAL at the Castro Theatre-February 19, 2012

Hello again from the city by the bay San Francisco! I'm back at the majestic Castro Theatre, where I attended the Scary Cow Prime Cuts 5th Anniversary Film Festival Extravaganza! For those who don't know, Scary Cow Productions is a film co-op based out here in San Francisco. Their mission is to "build a film community that actively learns to make better films by making films." This year marks the fifth anniversary for Scary Cow, so for tonight, they showed 13 of their very best short films that were made in the last five years. My good friend Samantha Sullivan was producer on several of the films that were shown tonight. The program was split with an intermission in the middle. So sit back, grab some popcorn and let's watch some great local indie films!

The first half of the program contained the following shorts:

INDIVISIBLE (2007): Directed by Conrad Cimarra, the film's about a grade school principal who is unwittingly ensnared in a political plot involving terrorists. This was one of Scary Cow's original trailer projects from their Round One sesions. Running time 3 minutes.

SPACEMAN (2007): Directed by xuxE, this sci-fi rock musical is about Space Man arriving on Earth in search of a way to save his dying planet. Running time 10 minutes.

DAMAGE (2011): Directed by Anton Hill, a business woman opts out of a planned trip only to trigger a crisis she is ill-prepared to face. Running time 14 minutes.

YOU'RE SO FUCKING DEAD, CHARLIE ROZNIK (2009): Directed by Andre Lomov, this hilarious dark comedy/action short is about a man named Billy who can't stand being constantly one-upped by his childhood best frenemy. So he decides to kill him. Running time 13 minutes.

TIM JUNIVERSE (2010): Directed by Ali Kapadia, Tim Juniverse, son of famous archaeologist Jim Juniverse, has one hour to find a long lost relic to save himself from a rare disease and restore his father's legacy. Running time 10 minutes.

BROTHER (2011): Directed by Timothy Sloat, this intense drama revolves around two feuding brothers that embark on a camping trip to honor their absent father. My personal favorite of the bunch. Running time 24 minutes.

After a 45 minute intermission, the festival continued with:

TWO FROM THE LINE (2011): Directed by Rowan Brooks, a young man cheerlessly watches a Knicks game in his hole-in-the-wall apartment with his best friend and things get personal. A very funny dark comedy. Running time 20 minutes.

SECONDS (2008): Directed by Bradley Tangonan, the film asks if you have ever made the same mistake twice? The film is a meditation on relationships and second chances. A very well done drama short. Running time 5 minutes.

HELP FIGHT EPD (2009): Directed by Sashi Chimala, this mockumentary is a heart-wrenching look at those living with EPD (Extreme Pixelation Disorder). Meaning people's faces are being covered up with pixels. Running time 10 minutes.

7 MINUTES IN HELL (2010): Directed by Alexa Fraser-Herron, and inept couple seeks refuge from zombies in a abandoned house. Things get more wild when an audience member climbs into the movie to help out the dim witted couple. A hilarious horror/comedy. Running time 7 minutes.

THE WISH THIEF (2007): Directed by Rachel McGraw, a thief of coins and wishes attempts to dupe a supernatural genie but instead accidentally creates a formidable enemy. Running time 10 minutes.

THE DAYDREAM SERIES (2009): Directed by Teresa Brazen, this trilogy of short experimental pieces evokes mood and movement. Again another one of my favorites. Running time 10 minutes.

THE MAGIC MAN (2011): Directed by DC Kasundra, this amazing film is about a struggling vaudeville magician who turns to the black arts with great consequences. The amazing black and white film was also shot in 3D and evokes the film THE ARTIST. The crowing jewel of the festival! Running time 11 minutes.

After the screenings all the filmmakers were asked to come up onstage and participated in an interview and a informative Q&A session with the audience. Overall, a very impressive and fun-filled film festival! I can't wait to attend their next event, which is their 16th Annual Short Film Festival on March 3rd at the Castro Theatre.

If you would like to know more about Scary Cow, their films, and how to become a member and staring making films, visit their website at

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Phil once again attends the Cult Movie Series screening of BACK TO THE FUTURE at the Camera 3-February 16, 2012

Theatrical Movie Poster (1985)
Hello again my fellow insomniacs! I once again attended the Cult Movie Series' screening of BACK TO THE FUTURE at the Camera 3 here in downtown San Jose! This time I co-hosted the show with my good friend Nate McHavoc from Barely Legal Productions, the shadowcast for THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, which is also held at the Camera Three. Once again skateboard legend Bob Schmelzer came out for the show and gave the audience a quick recap of his experiences while making the film. Schmelzer is also the owner of Circle-A Skateboard shop located just a few block away from the theater. So if you are looking for a high quality board or if your board needs some repair, Schmelzer's shop is the place to go. So please support your local business and check out Circle-A the next time you're in downtown San Jose!

Next month's cult film is the 1990 film TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, which will be shown on Thursday, March 15th at 9:30pm and again on Saturday, March 17th at midnight, so mark these days on your calender and come out and have some cult movie fun! To view the rest of the Cult Movie Series schedule, visit the Camera Cinemas website at

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Phil finally watches ANOTHER EARTH-February 17, 2012

Now usually I don't review films that I see on television or on DVD (I do the Bollywood DVDs for the simple pleasure that you need to see these films), but couple of weeks ago I was over my friend's place and we watched the indie science fiction film ANOTHER EARTH and for some reason, I cannot stop thinking about how amazing this film was! And since it only played for literally a week here in San Jose, I think you, my faithful readers, should know more about this extraordinary film.

Theatrical Movie Poster (2011)
This film's about a young high school senior named Rhoda Williams (Brit Marley). She's funny, carefree, and incredibly intelligent. In fact she is so smart that she has just been accepted at MIT to study the universe. To celebrate this very special occasion, she goes out partying with her friends. However, while driving home intoxicated, she hears a story on the radio about a planet that looks just like Earth. So she gazes out her car window at the stars and inadvertently hits a stopped car at an intersection, putting John Burroughs (William Mapother) in a coma and killing his wife and son. Rhoda is sentenced to 4 years in prison, but because she is a minor, her identity is not reveled to John. After serving her time, she returns home with her family, but she is still being haunted by her past. While taking a job as a custodian at her old high school, Rhoda decides to confront John and apologize for her actions. When she arrives at his place, she lies to him and says that she is a maid and John hires him to clean his house, which has been let go after his family's death. John is numb and has completely shut out the rest of the world. Seeking a new life, Rhoda applies to to win tickets to the other Earth, to which she does. However life for her on this Earth has become more complicated as she and John develop feeling for one another. But will she revel the truth to him and risk his love or will she depart for the other Earth and start her life anew?

This film is more about the characters, more of a human story than a pure science fiction film. But the film is very deep and emotional; it makes you the audience think and self-analyze yourselves. Overall, one has to imagine the idea of being responsible of destroying not just one life, but three lives, plus your own and those close to you. Life is short and you might stop and think that what are or will be the repercussions of your actions. For Rhoda, this is something that never crossed her mind, as a result, she had to pay the price and live with her guilt.

Outstanding performances by both Marley and Mapother, who create such grief stricken and lost characters that this reviewer hasn't seen in a very long time. Both Rhoda and John are people we can invest out time and emotions into and come out leaving as if you have just lived their sad and traumatic lives. Also great job to director Mike Cahill, who also co-wrote the film with Marley. This was Cahill's feature film debut, and it received rave reviews from those who say the film originally at the Sundance Film Festival. It played mostly at independent movie theaters ans well as some art house theaters.

ANOTHER EARTH is a gem of a film; a deeply sensitive and thought provoking film that must be shared by those who love films. Nothing will prepare you of just how incredible the film is. And the big surprise ending will leave you debating about it with your friends for hours. So if you see this film on either your local cable provider or at your favorite video store, pick it up and be transported to movie nirvana. Five out of five stars!!

ANOTHER EARTH is available on both Blu-Ray combo packs and on standard DVD. To purchase a copy, visit your local retailer or visit the Amazon website at

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Phil attends the Cult Movie Series screening of BACK TO THE FUTURE at the Camera 3-February 16, 2012

Theatrical Movie Poster (1985)
For years I was a big fan and supporter of the Camera Cinemas' Midnight Movie series. From May til the end of September, they would show popular, cult and horror films at midnight every week at two locations: The Camera 7 Pruneyard on Friday night and the Camera 12 on Saturday night. For over six years I would be there, winning prizes and watching some true film classics such as ENTER THE DRAGON, BRAZILTHE PROFESSIONAL, and REPO:THE GENETIC OPERA. Last year the Camera Cinemas reformatted the series and rechristened as the Cult Movie series. Now they show the same film twice a month (Thursday nights at 9:30 and Saturday nights at midnight) from February through November at the Camera 3 in downtown San Jose. Tonight was the kick off for the 2012 season and they showed the 1985 classic BACK TO THE FUTURE, starring Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Crispin Glover, Claudia Welles and Thomas F. Wilson. The film was produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Robert Zemeckis (FORREST GUMP, CAST AWAY and PART II and III of the trilogy).

Former lead Eric Stoltz and Bob Schmelzer circa 1984
Before the show began, the Camera 3 manager and projectionist Chris had a cool surprise for the audience. He called up skateboard legend Bob Schmelzer who is the owner of the ultra cool skateboard shop Circle-A Skateboards located here in downtown San Jose. He recalled how he was picked to be the skateboard double for then lead actor Eric Stoltz. It's well documented that Zemeckis had shot five weeks with Stoltz and decided that his comic sensibility wasn't working for Zemeckis. After five weeks, he convinced the studio to have him fire Stoltz and get Michael J. Fox. Also Schmelzer said that Fox couldn't ride a skateboard to save his life, however Stoltz had the chops and was quite good at it. Also he was good at tagging so Schmelzer had a lot of respect for Stoltz. Also he had a lot of fun hanging out with Lloyd and Glover. Overall, he had a lot of fun working on the film.

This was a fun night and a great intro to the new season of the Cult Movie Series. Now like I said, the Camera 3 will be showing one cult classic film every month from now till November. To view their upcoming schedule, visit the Camera Cinemas website at

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Phil reviews DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK DVD on The Midnight Horror Sinema Show-February 12, 2012

OK folks listen up and listen good! Over on The Midnight Horror Sinema Show, I just finished my review of DEAD HOOKERS IN A TRUNK, the film debut by the Soska twins Jen and Sylvia. Made for just $2,500 and shot in Vancouver, Canada, the Twisted Twins made a kick ass, balls to wall, no holds barred, modern day cult classic. The film was eventually picked up by IFC Films and released it as part of their IFC Midnight line. So if you're looking for a film that is not your typical cup of tea, then this is the film for you! I gave this film five out of five stars, so you know that you're gonna have a fun time watching it if I liked it. So read my review here and have fun watching this film tonight!

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Phil sees STAR WARS: EPISODE I - THE PHANTOM MENANCE in Real 3D at the Camera 7 Prueyard Campbell-Feb. 11, 2012

Today my best friend Dave and I went to the Camera 7 in the Pruneyard Campbell to see STAR WARS: EPISODE I-THE PHANTOM MENACE in 3D. It's been thirteen years since the film's initial release and now George Lucas is once again bringing back all the STAR WARS films to the big screen. Only this time, they will be in 3D! And yes, as SW geeks, both Dave and I will be seeing them all over again. Why? Cause it's STAR WARS people!!

Theatrical Movie Poster (2012)
Now we all know about the film. And we all remember Jar Jar Binks, even though many of us tried really hard to forget that character. And the bad story is still there, including the awful dialogue. George has changed none of that. Now there are some minor tweeks that Mr. Lucas made to the film since it original release. For one, he added eyelids to the Trade Federation Viceroy Nute Gunray and his pals. So now their eyes blink. Second he added back several deleted scenes during the pod race. These scenes were added in for the DVD release of the film. Third, being the most famous, is the replacing of the puppet Yoda with the digital Yoda that fans of the prequels are use to seeing. Now the puppet Yoda was universally disliked, so when Lucas was planning the Blu-Ray boxset of the complete SW saga, he went back again for some retooling. One of those was the puppet Yoda. Now the digital Yoda looks really good. It really amazed me just how far advanced technology has come since EPISODE III. The digital Yoda in that film looks primitive when compared to this new Yoda in EPISODE I.

Now as for the 3D effect, it's decent. Some scenes like the famous SW intro crawl, and the lightsaber duel between Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Darth Maul looked very cool in 3D, but a lot of the film looked the same. But since I am a SW fan, I will most likely be seeing the film again since all my friends want me to see it with them.

STAR WARS: EPISODE I-THE PHANTOM MENACE in 3D doesn't look 3D enough for me. But like I said, I'll be seeing all the films when they come out to theaters. Hey, how often will we see STAR WARS again on the big screen? The original trilogy special editions came out over fourteen years ago, so chances are they will not come out again anytime soon. So head out to the theater nearest you, grab the family too cause they'll want to see it as well. And may the force be with you!

STAR WARS: EPISODE I-THE PHANTOM MENACE in 3D is currently playing in theaters nationwide, including at the Camera Cinemas here in the Bay Area. To view showtimes, visit their website at

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Phil sees THE VOW at the Camera 12 Downtown San Jose-February 10, 2012

The second film I saw Friday night after CHRONICLE was the new chick flick THE VOW, starring the beautiful Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. Now just in case you never heard of the term "chick flick," it's slang meaning "a film mainly dealing with love and romance designed to appeal to a female target audience." For most men who are dating or married to a woman, chances are she will want you to take her to see one of these films. Now some are very good and entertaining while others will make you wish you were getting a route canal. However this film was actually decent, so men be not afraid.

Theatrical Movie Poster (2012)
The film's about a happily married couple named Paige and Leo (McAdams and Tatum), who have been together for the past five years. However one night they are in a terrible car accident, landing them both in the hospital. Leo heals but Paige lies in a coma. Once she wakens, she doesn't recognize her husband. The doctors soon realize that Paige has lost her memory of the past five years. Leo becomes determined to help his wife to regain her memory, but her parents Bill and Rita Thorton (Sam Neill and Jessica Lange respectively) are planning to take her away from him and have their perfect family again. Also trying to claim Paige's heart is her ex-fiance Jeremy (Scott Speedman from the UNDERWORLD series). Leo does what he can to help Paige, but in the end will love be enough to save their marriage or will it all just end?

Now the film's premise may sound far fetched, but believe it or not the story is actually based on a real life couple, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter. On November 1993, the Carpenters were in an automobile accident on I-40 west of Gallup in New Mexico. Krickitt, never regained her memory but the couple are still married and have two children. They originally sold the movie rights to their story back in 1996 but objected to movie scripts that strayed too far from the truth, so they wrote a book about their story called "The Vow: The Kim and Krickitt Carpenter Story" which was published in 2000. Soon Spyglass Entertainment came along with a script that the Carpenters approved of. 

Now the film and book are different in many ways. The film takes place in Chicago instead of New Mexico. The film has Paige and Leo being married for four years while the Carpenters were married for only 10 weeks before the accident. Leo is a music producer and has his own studio while Kim was a baseball coach at New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas. So like I said, subtle differences.

Now as for the film itself, there are the usual standard Hollywood cliches. You have the stereotypical evil parents, the jerk ex and the predictable "will love conquer all" finale. I know, what a big surprise there, huh? But McAdams is a very capable actress and she gets into character. The post-accident Paige is a complete 180 from the pre-accident Paige, which itself is commendable. From her stance to her language and behaviour, McAdams performance is really, really good.

As for Tatum, he's just there. However women will get to see Tatum's bum on the big screen, so this will be another reason for you ladies to see the film. His acting, however, is just not up to par with his costar McAdams. The pair did have some decent chemistry on screen, but I felt they weren't quiet right. But then again that's my opinion. But the story was decent, it had McAdams doing what she does best and there were some funny dialogue so the film wasn't a total loss. It was entertaining enough to hold my attention.

THE VOW is far from being a modern day romance classic like THE NOTEBOOK and TITANIC, but it does give women a reason to go out the cinemas, Plus it's sappy enough for them to like it and to enjoy watching with their special someone. So men, if you're looking for something fun to do with your wife/girlfriend this Valentine's Day, take her to see this film. You might not like it, but she will, and her happiness is the most important thing for you to give her. Three out of five stars.

THE VOW is currently playing in theaters nationwide, including at the Camera Cinemas here in the Bay Area. To view showtimes, visit their website at 

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Phil sees CHRONICLE at the Camera 12 Downtown San Jose-February 10, 2012

Now I love movies, and during the winter season, there have been a bevy of films that I've thoroughly enjoyed that you, my faithful followers, have been reading about in my blog. However, there hasn't been hardly any horror/sci-fi films that have sparked my interest. I mean let's face it, the first horror film of the year THE DEVIL INSIDE was a complete disaster and disappointment. But then I rebounded from that atrocity by heading down to the Camera 12 where I saw CHRONICLE, which literally blew me away!

Theatrical Movie Poster (2012)
The film follows the socially awkward and shy Andrew Detmer (Dana DeHaan), who purchases a video camera and begins to document his painful existence: his drunken and abusive father, his sick and dying mother, his plights at school which mostly consist of being picked on and bullied on a regular basis. Then one day his cousin Matt (Alex Russell) takes him to his first high school party later on that night. There Andrew meets Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan), the most popular kids in school who is also running for class president. Steve grabs Andrew and takes him (and his camera) into the woods were the boys find a deep hole where they discover what appears to be some sort of Krytonian artifact that looks to a prop from a SUPERMAN film. Nevertheless, this strange artifact bestows upon them the power of telekinesis, the ability to move objects with their mind. Soon our young friends begin to experiment with what they can do with their new powers. They first see what they can do (stopping balls in mid-air), then they play harmless pranks on people (Steve moves a lady's car from her parking spot to another spot while in a toy store they scare a little girl by making a big stuff teddy bear move) and soon discover their ability to fly. But when they're being honked by "rednecks" while driving on a wet, raining road, Andrew goes too far and mind swipes them off the road. Andrew finally succumbs to his bottled up anger and begins to lose control and starts hurting people with his powers for his own pleasure and for revenge. Both Matt and Steve begin to worry about Andrew as he slips further away from them and begins to embrace both his anger and his power.

The first thing that came to mind was the old Stan Lee verbiage from the Spider-Man comic books, "With great power, comes great responsibility." The second thing that came to mind was that the film was an amalgam of CLOVERFIRELD and CARRIE, but with just a dash of STAR WARS. Now as I mentioned in my review of THE DEVIL INSIDE, the whole found footage/documentary footage idea had been done to death. However, it works here because one: the film stars no-name actors who bring a sense of believability and reality to it. You really feel sympathetic towards Andrew, as he struggles to find himself and to find acceptance among his classmates. His attempt to make friends via entering the school's talent show to show off his "magic skills" earns him popularity. However it is only short lived, and he's once again an outcast.

One has to wonder what if DeHaan was cast in the STAR WARS prequels instead of Hayden Christensen, because he pulled of what he couldn't do. Right away we know he is an angry young man, because of his folks and being shunned at school. Then he is given a power that he can use to get back at his tormentors. His slow dissent into madness is paced perfectly and his hatred at those who have done him wrong are dealt with most heinously. Overall a great performance by DeHaan!

The second item on my list as to why I enjoyed the film was the very cool special effects that doesn't truly overtake the film. While you need special effects and CGI to tell this type of sci-fi film, it adds to the story and not just bombard you with CGI after CGI after CGI effetcs. There is really a great story here and it comes courtesy of screenwriter Max Landis, the son of famed filmmaker John Landis! Also the film was the debut of director Josh Trank, who keeps the film moving at the right speed and gives us some great scenes and set ups, not to mention the clever way of how the film is pieced together by using a variety of cameras, ranging from Andrew's camera to hospital security cameras to streetlight videos.

CHRONICLE is this year's best sci-fi release thus far, but the bar has been set pretty high with this film. I am very curious as to how Hollywood will top this film. But whatever you do, don't hold your breath. Instead, just go see this film over and over again. You'll be glad you did! Five out of five stars!

CHRONICLE is currently playing in theaters nationwide, including at the Camera Cinemas here in the Bay Area. To view showtimes, visit their website at

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Phil counts down to CINEQUEST 22 February 28-March 11 in San Jose-February 9, 2012

It's that most wonderful time of the year again! And no I'm not talking about Christmas. I'm talking about the Cinequest Film Festival, which is held every year in Downtown San Jose at the Camera Cinema 12, The San Jose Rep Theatre, and the majestic California Theatre movie palace. Started in 1990 by co-founders Halfdan Hussey and Kathleen Powell, the festival has grown to epic proportions over the years, attracting new and established filmmakers while simultaneously providing a home for up and coming directors as well as pushing the boundaries with technology and media. With "Neverending Passion" as their theme for this year, Cinequest will showcase their passion with, "great films, embracing new ideas and innovations, and discover exciting new voices and experiences."

Now in its 22 year, the festival will be showing over 180 films (16 world premiers) and a plethora of movie shorts programs. For thirteen days, movie lovers will be able to experience the time of their lives as they witness the very best in independent, foreign, and documentary films as well as partake in informative lectures, media events, and few surprises along the way.

The festivities begin on February 28th with the opening night film THE LADY, the latest film from legendary director Luc Besson, whose films LE FEMME NIKITA, LEON: THE PROFESSIONAL, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, and ARTHUR AND THE INVISIBLES have entertained audiences world wide. With his new film, Besson tells the story of Aung San Suu Kyi (Michelle Yeoth from CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON and MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA) as she becomes the core of Burma's democracy movement. A powerful and gripping story about love, sacrifice and the power to change the world.

Other highlights at this year's festival include the unveiling of Cinequest Picture The Possibilities (PTP), which is a "worldwide transformative leadership movement" that encourages local youths from all over the world to create and make their films that "express their visions of a better tomorrow that will engage and inspire global leaders to create change, at first locally, but then on a wider, grander scale." On Friday, March 2nd at the San Jose Rep Theatre there is the Day Of Empowering Voice that will include top leaders from both Silicon Valley and Hollywood to discuss and engage in discussions on empowering youth voices around the world and the "synergy occurring between technology, social media, art, and the digital youth generation." Sunday, March 4 from 5-7pm is the Maverick Spirit Awards, but this year the festival honors award-winning chefs Michael Mina and  Michael Miller (from the Silicon Valley Capital Club).

Also receiving the Maverick Spirit Award is director Terrence Davies, whose latest work THE DEEP BLUE SEA is the festival's closing night film. Based on the Terence Rattigan play of the same name, the film stars Oscar winner Rachel Weiz as Hester Collyer, who is married to British Judge William Collyer (Simon Russell Beale) but soon finds herself in a very steamy and self-destructive love affair with a Royal Air Force pilot named Freddie Page (portrayed by Tom Hiddleston). Both the opening and closing night films will have a lavish after parties that both movie fans and filmmakers can enjoy together.

I have been attending the Cinequest Film Festival for going on eight years now. And with each passing year the festival gets bigger and better, without losing its vision. To me, the festival plays a very important part in my community: it encourages local filmmakers that it is possible to go out and make your film, to capture your voice and have it shown to audiences. The festival is responsible for me in becoming a filmmaker and a film historian. Cinequest continues to be both a source inspiration and enlightenment. If you are an inspiring filmmaker, a film lover, or just an occasional theater goer, the Cinequest Film Festival as an event that you must attend and after it's all over, you cannot wait to come back next year, and the year after that. So mark this event on you calender and come out to San Jose and witness the Cinequest Film Festival, where the neverending passion for cinema continues.

The Cinequest 22 Film Festival is once again held from February 28-March 11, 2012. To view the festival's film schedule and to purchase tickets and passes, visit their website at

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Phil sees THE ARTIST (again) at the Regal Crow Canyon Stadium 6 Theaters-Feb. 5, 2012

Theatrical Movie Poster (2011)
While I was in the East Bay, I took my good friend and fellow movie lover Jennifer to see THE ARTIST. Reason being was that she hadn't seen it yet, and I've been wanting to see it again! The film has already won a Golden Globe for Best Picture, and it has garnered a plethora of nominations for The Academy Awards. This film to me represents the magic that most films today do not have. In fact, I'd go so far to say that a majority of films being released today don't have that magic, that spark, that ability to be transported to another place and time. Set at the very end of the silent film era and the birth of the talkies, the film reminds us that,  "they just don't make them like they use to." The film captures this era perfectly, and since I'm also a big silent movie fan, this was a dream come true! Read my original review of the film here and go see this film if you haven't yet. This way when the film wins all those Oscars, you can say that you saw it while it was in the theaters!

THE ARTIST is currently playing in theaters nationwide, including at the Regal Crow Canyon Stadium 6 Theaters in San Ramon. To view showtimes, visit their website at

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Phil attends THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: THE PEACHES CHRIST EXPERIENCE with special guest Barry Bostwick live in person at the Castro Theatre-Feb. 4, 2012

This past Saturday night I once again made a trip out to the Castro Theatre in beautiful San Francisco to witness history in the making! I along with a bunch of my friends went to see THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW: THE PEACHES CHRIST EXPERIENCE with Brad Majors himself Barry Bostwick live in person! Tonight also marked the return of the film to the theatre, which hasn't been shown here in over 20 years! Plus as an added bonus my friends from Barely Legal were going to be judging the costume contest. Yes friends, it was indeed a night to remember!

So my friends and I were let into the theatre at 9pm and were greeted by our friends Sandra Dee, Drea Storey, Lizzie Bernard, Christy Robinson, Nate and his wife Bridgid McHavoc from Barely Legal (read my interview with them here) Then we made our way inside the theatre where we found seating in the second row! At exactly 9:30pm the lights dimmed and the pre-show began. Peaches and her "motley friends" Peggy L'Eggs (Riff Raff), PJ Soulless (Brad), Tangyna (Janet), Lady Bear (Magenta), Pristine Condition (Rocky), and Cousin Wonderlette (Columbia) came out and did a rollicking rendition of "Sweet Transvestite" (Peaches' new lyrics were, "I'm just a peach transvestite from San Francisco, California!" Sweet lyrics PC!). After the song Peaches thanked the audience for coming out for the show and told us the night was only beginning.

Up next Peaches introduced us to The Bawdy Caste, a ROCKY shadow-cast who did a fun musical number utilizing their entire cast in the show. But what was really amazing was that, according to Peaches, they came to the Castro to perform this number only because they had to make a mad dash to their midnight show at The Guild in Menlo Park! Thank you for taking out of your very busy schedule to perform at the show TBC!

Peaches then introduced ROCKY superfan J.D. Bear, who along with some other dancers, did a fun lip-sync performance of Meatloaf's classic "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" from his 1977 album Bat Out Of Hell.

The next event up for the night was the incredible and talented Val N Tine from the Ray of Light Theatre, which is THE place to see live performance shows (which included a recent stage production of ROCKY). Val along with Manual Caneri reminded us to "Say it. Don't spray it" meaning no food, or water pistols, or anything of that sort would be allowed during the screening. A funny cautionary and warning, complete will sass and makeup.

Then it was time for the costume contest. The Barely Legal crew had a tough time with this one. There were several great looking costumes to choose from, but in the end it was Ace Allmaras AKA Vernon who won the grand prize! Congrats to you Ace!

Barry Bostwick strikes a pose for Peaches Christ
Then finally the moment had arrived! Now I'm usually a peaceful and level headed individual; calm, cool, and collective. But when Peaches was about to introduce Barry Bostwick out on stage, I found myself screaming like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert. But my reaction was nothing compared to her's! As soon as Peaches finished her introduction, out comes Bostwick in his original ROCKY DRAG COSTUME! This was hilarious!! And it shocked and surprised Peaches as well! Soon the entire audience was giving him a standing ovation! People were cheering, laughing, screaming and giving him much respect! The first thing Barry said was, "Just shoot me now!" followed by the best line of the evening, "Why won't you guys let this movie die? I can't take it anymore!" Peaches addressed the audience by saying that backstage Barry didn't look like this and he excused himself to her dressing room. Soon Barry was on the floor of the stage, striking his famous leg stretch from the film! For the first time I saw Peaches speechless! This has never happened before! How unbelievable is that folks?

The interview continued with Peaches asking some fun, interesting and funny questions. Questions like, "You were a fan of the show?" which Barry was hesitate to answer, which made us laugh. Other fun questions like, "You got the part over Steve Martin" to which Barry replied, "Whatever happened to his career?" which again made us laugh hysterically! Barry was hilarious, lively and regaled the audience with funny and interesting stories about the making of the film. Peaches then opened up to audience questions, which were also made me laugh even harder thanks to Barry's responses.

After the interview Peaches was about to lead Barry backstage when another surprise happened before our very eyes! Out from the audience came none other than Luke Perry himself (Dylan from the original 90210 for all you who didn't know that)! Perry is currently playing Brad Majors in the Broadway version of ROCKY and came out to say thanks and gave him much praise for his work in the film. As Peaches said, "I can't believe we have TWO Brad Majors here tonight!" This was a complete surprise! After that, the lights faded, and flickering in the darkness was the greatest midnight cult film of all time. If you have never seen THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, then let me say just this: Where in the hell have you been for the past 35 years? Click on the title to learn more about it and then go see it now! But makes sure you go see it at a midnight show! You'll thank me later.

The Happy Couple: Bostwick & Peaches
After every show  I always wonder how Peaches will top this one. After tonight, I don't even know how this can be topped? This was her best show ever! And I've been to quite a few of her shows. The PURPLE RAIN show was amazing, and her SHOWGIRLS event was just astounding, but this show was like being in heaven. Thank you Peaches and thank you Barry for a night that I will never, ever forget!

As I've said before, if you have never attended a Peaches Christ show, then you have not lived my friend. Her shows are the equivalent of having Christmas, Halloween, and the 4th of July all rolled up in an outrageous wig, tight bustier, high heeled shoes and fishnet stockings! Her shows are so popular that they sell out consistently. So the next time I tell you people about an upcoming show of hers, you had better go! And when you do, you'll have the time of you lives! So to keep up with our Cinematic Diva and all her events, check out her website at You can also follow her on twitter at and don't forget visit her Facebook page at Also to view upcoming film events and schedules, visit the Castro Theatre website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!