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Phil's Cult Classics: THE POM POM GIRLS (1976) from Scorpion Releasing-March 11, 2016

THE POM POM GIRLS Blu-Ray (2015)
Starring: Robert Carradine, Bill Adler, Jennifer Ashley, Michael Mullins, Lisa Reeves, Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith, Susan Player, Diane Lee Hart, James Gammon
Written by Joseph Ruben & Robert Rosenthal
Cinematography by Stephen M. Katz
Edited by George Bowers
Produced by Joseph Ruben, Cal Naylor & Marilyn J. Tenser
Directed by Joseph Ruben
Originally distributed by Crown International Pictures
Released by Scorpion Releasing

During the good 'ole exploitation days, drive-ins and grindhouses were showing some of greatest films ever made. They played all kinds of movies from all walks of life. Whether you were in the mood to watch a kung-fu movie or a blaxploitation flick, there was something for eveyone's taste buds. One genre that was popular was the teen comedies. Unlike the ones being made today, these were more realistic; meaning the actors looked like teenagers, talked like teenagers and acted like teenagers. In some cases the actors and actresses were teenagers. As a result, these films struck a chord to all those high school kids who took their dates to the drive-ins and watch them. A perfect example of one of these films was finally released on Blu-Ray. A personal favorite of mine, THE POM POM GIRLS is 70's fun, laughs and just groovy to watch.

The film's official synopsis: Forget your troubles and swing into action with the beautiful pom pom girls in this fast-paced story about high school seniors enjoying a final fling before graduation. The carefree and scandalous antics of these kids indulging themselves before they enter adulthood is pure spontaneous fun. Will the handsome womanizer Jesse win over radiant pom pom girl Laurie? Will the kids' crazy antics get them in trouble? Will the delectable pom pom girls get their kicks? It's a classic youth-gone-wild pleasurefest from Crown International Pictures.

Man, they don't make movies like these anymore. Teen hijinks, teen sex, free wheelin', free lovin', hot cheerleaders, classic cars, high school pranks, carefree I really do miss the 70's! And this film captures that spirit of the times perfectly. This is a time capsule of how life was back then and it sure was fun!

Original Movie Poster (1976)
The film stars Robert Carradine as the film's lead Johnni. Son of Hollywood acting legend John Carradine and younger half-brother of David Carradine, Robert would go on to star in films such as JACKSON COUNTY JAIL, ORCA, COMING HOME, but he's most remembered as the nerdy Lewis from the REVENGE OF THE NERD films. Actress Jennifer Ashley, who portrayed the beautiful Laurie, also starred in other cult classics like THE CENTERFOLD GIRLS, PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE and CHAINED HEAT. Bill Adler also went on to appear in a number of classic 70's exploitation films such as THE VAN, MALIBU BEACH, VAN NUYS BLVD. (all three from Crown International Pictures) and director Jack Hill's SWITCHBLADE SISTERS. Lisa Reeves only acted in a handful of films like YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE and THE CHICKEN CHRONICLES and appeared in some TV shows like Police Woman, The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries and Little House on the Prairie. Susan Player really had a short film career, appearing in only five films. Her best remembered films are INVASION OF THE BEE GIRLS, HIGH SCHOOL GIRL and MALIBU BEACH. Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith has a HUGE cult following! She has appeared in such drive-in classics like CAGED HEAT, PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE, THE SWINGING CHEERLEADERS, THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN, LASERBLAST, UP IN SMOKE and VICE SQUAD. Smith was on her way to stardom, but unfortunately, she became addicted to heroin and eventually died from complications from hepatitis on June 2, 2002. Actor James Gammon, who played the coach in the film, went on to again be cast as a coach, this time for the baseball team the Cleveland Indians in the MAJOR LEAGUE films. Sadly, he passed away on July 16, 2010.

The film was directed by Joseph Ruben, who directed a couple of other 70's classic films like SISTER-IN-LAW, JOYRIDE and OUR WINNING SEASON before moving to mainstream success with films like GORP, DREAMSCAPE, THE STEPFATHER, SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY, THE GOOD SON, MONEY TRAIN and THE FORGOTTEN. Ruben's writing partner Robert Rosenthal also wrote the scripts for THE VAN, MALIBU BEACH, ZAPPED! and the sequel ZAPPED AGAIN! He also directed MALIBU BEACH and ZAPPED!

The film was originally released to theaters by Crown International Pictures in May 1976. With this new blu-ray release by Scorpion Releasing, the film looks way better than the old VHS and awful DVD transfers. The disc also features trailers and you can have the option of watching an intro with the lovely and very delicious Katarina Leigh Waters. 

THE POM POM GIRLS is 70's drive-in exploitation fun! After watching this movie, you'll wish it was the 70's all over again! The looks, the sounds, the clothes, the music, the film has everything you would want and more! And now you can relive those glorious days in Hi-Def Blu-Ray! Five out of five stars!! Highly recommended!!

THE POM POM GIRLS is currently available on Blu-Ray at your local retailer or purchase a copy at the Amazon website. You can also see upcoming releases from Scorpion Releasing by visiting their website at Also make sure to visit Katarina Leigh Waters as well at To learn more about Crown International Pictures, visit their website at

Thanks for reading and enjoy the show!

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