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Phil's Halloween Horrors Marathon, Day 11: Phil reviews THE GOOD SISTERS (2009) DVD from Forbidden Pictures-October 11, 2011

Starring: Debbie Rochon, April Monique Burril, David Calhoun, Allan Herlinger, Kristen Hudson, Aaron Martinek, Megan Martinek, Gaylynn Price, Brad Smoley, Sara Smoley, Katie Taylor
Produced by JimmyO Burril, April Monique Burril, Debbie Rochon, Katie Taylor, Shawn Jones
Executive Producer: David Calhoun
Written and directed by Jimmyo Burril
A Forbidden Pictures Production

Hello again everybody and welcome to Day Eleven of my horror movie marathon! As I stated in my Day 2 review, I picked up several new horror DVDs when I covered the Miss Misery's Days of Terror Horror Convention up in Sacramento. I picked up three DVDs from actress April Monique Burril, better know to horror fans as Chainsaw Sally. One of these was a film that has received critical acclaim within the horror genre. After viewing the film, I can honestly say that THE GOOD SISTERS is a fantastic horror/occult film that will undoubtedly cast a spell on you!

Genre icon Debbie Rochon and Burril portray sisters Breanne and Kindra Good respectively, witches that go to great lengths to protect their secret and their occult bloodline. Always on guard, the sisters become suspicious of their new neighbor Daniel (Calhoun), who might expose their secret to the world. Soon an all out battle between good and evil occurs, but which side will win?

The film was directed by April's husband JimmyO Burril who does an extraordinary job of creating tension, suspense and horror that really gripped this reviewer right from the beginning. Burril sets up a great pace for the film, starting out slow, then when the introduction of Daniel, the film builds up speed while simultaneously creating paranoia among the sisters. They begin to distrust all their neighbors because of their fear of Daniel, thus hysteria dictates their actions. A brilliant job on Burril's part!

Actress April Monique Burril (L) and Debbie Rochon (R)
Also great was the introduction of the Good Sisters. We see them in the beginning of the film talking and bickering with one another, like all siblings do. Great character development right from the get go and great on-screen chemistry between Burril and Rochon. Both of these ladies did an outstanding job with their respective characters. This is truly a rarity within the horror genre. Normally we are treated with such cliche two-dimensional characters that we cannot wait for them to die. Here this is not a problem, as we see the growth of these sisters throughout the film.

Now some will say this is like the film THE CRAFT or the old WB television show Charmed. However, let me clear the air that this is NOT like any of those examples. Let's face it, the Halliwell sisters never gutted their enemy with a sharp hook, sacrificed a cat and painted occult symbols on the wall with its blood, and dressed in provocative outfits and conduct a seance while half naked. Yes, this film contains all these juicy tidbits, but it's the story and the characters that really drive this film!

THE GOOD SISTERS is just a solid and stellar film; breathing new life to the occult/witchcraft subgenre. Horror fans will no doubt be surprised by this beautifully haunting piece of independent cinema! So don't waste any more time reading this review! Go buy this film today! 5 out of 5 stars! Highly recommended!

THE GOOD SISTERS is available on DVD and can be purchased from Forbidden Pictures. To purchase a copy, visit their website at Also check out the film's offficial Facbook page!

thanks for reading, and enjoy the screaming!

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