Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Phil goes Hollywood, Part 2: Phil sees BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in DISNEY DIGITAL 3D at the El Capitan Theatre-Sept. 5, 2011

The El Capitan Theater
Right after the Cinecon Film Festival had ended, I made a quick dash to the El Capitan Theater, where they were showing Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in 3D. Lucky for me the El Capitan was about two blocks away from the Egyptian! Now you might be thinking, "Phil, why are you going to see a Disney cartoon?" Well the answer is quite simple my friends: 1) It's a classic animated film, 2) It's in 3D, and 3) One of my goals is to visit as many Hollywood theaters as possible. Now I can say that I've been to two Hollywood theaters!

Inside the famous El Capitan Theater
The theater itself is just stunning! It is such a treat for me to be able to visit the theaters here in Hollywood. The El Capitan was erected on May 3, 1926, and became a home for live performnces and plays. In 1989 Disney partnered up with Pacific Theater to begin restoring the theater and in 2001 began to participate in Hollywood's revitalizing efforts. The El Capitan is now a first run theater for Disney films and it's the place that you'd want to see a Disney movie in!

The lovely Belle herself
Before the show began with the trailer for the upcoming film THE MUPPET MOVIE. Then she came out, and my heart went aflutter. Belle herself came out and performed a wonderful dance routine. She then greeted the audience and wished us all a wonderful night and enjoy the film tonight. Like I said, this version of the film was retooled and shown in 3D. Now, unlike a lot of other films, having it in 3D was really cool and because it is an animated film, it isn't that difficult to make it 3D due to the fact that the animation cells are all layered upon on another. Animation films are the easiest to turn into 3D, and the results are amazing!!

Ad for the Movie's Engagement
When the film was first released back on November 22, 1991, it was hailed as an animation masterpiece, using then state of the art computer animation and using optical tricks to create the illusion of 3D in an 2D film. Also, it was  just a good movie, now considered a classic in the annals of Disney's rich history. Now I understand that the film will be coming up to the Bay Area in the next few weeks, so to all my Disney fans up in NorCal, check your local movie theater and make plans to see it! Right now THE LION KING is currently playing up there, and then Disney will be doing a switch with BEAUTY, because that film will be playing at the El Capitan the following week. So for all you parents who want to share the magic of Disney with you kids (or want to relive the magic for the inner child in you) then go see these films! Trust me, it will be that magical!

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST will be playing at the El Capitan until September 15th! To view showtimes, visit their website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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  1. I saw The Lion King in 3D with a friend of mine. We were the only two adults in the theatre that didn't have children. We sang along to every song and when Scar leaps through the flames at the end in his final attack on Simba, in 3D that was just pure Disney magic. Almost makes me want to get another Scar tattoo...
    I wish I could have seen Beauty And The Beast in 3D. Maybe it'll come out here too.