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Phil goes Hollywood, Part 5: Phil sees CREATURE at the Mann Chinese 6 Theater-Sept. 9, 2011

Last night, at the beautiful Mann Chinese 6 Theaters on Hollywood Blvd, I had the pleasure of seeing one of the best indie horror films that I have seen in a very, very long time! And to make the night even better, some of the cast and crew were present and participated in a Q&A session, which was moderated by my good friend from Fangoria magazine Rebekah McKendry! The film was, without question, an amazing cinematic experience for me, and I will predict that the film CREATURE will also be fun experience for you to see as well!!

Theatrical Movie Poster (2011)
The film focuses on a group of friends on a roadtrip heading for New Orleans. The group consists of siblings Oscar and Karen (Dillon Casey and Lauren Schnider), and couples Randy and Beth (Aaron Hill and Amanda Fuller) and Niles and Emily (Mehcad Brooks and Serinda Swan). The group pulls into a roadside convenient store where the owner Chopper (Sid Haig) tells them the folklore of Lockjaw, the famed half man-half alligator creature that lives in the swamps of Louisiana. Soon the group travels to Lockjaw's native home, and that's where all the fun, sex, nudity, and gore happens.

From top to bottom, this was the most polished indie horror film I've seen in a long time. Right off the bat, what makes a great horror film is a great script, and screenwriters Tracy Morse and Fred Andrews (who also directed the film) crafted an ingenious story about family, folklore, and horror, with some great twists and turns. Another key factor of the film was the outstanding performances from the entire cast. Every single actor and actress brought a level of believability and vulnerability to their characters. We laugh with them when times are good, and we are horrified for them in their darkest hours. Also, Sid Haig is great as Chopper and it's his best role since portraying Captian Spaulding in the Rob Zombie films. Credit must also go to the crew, from production designer Jakub Durkoth (whose sets were both realistic and frightening looking) to Christopher Faloona's superb cinematography. And let's not forget Andrew's fantastic style of directing that was poetic while capturing the beauty of the Louisiana swamps and in-your-face with gore and guts that made the audience cheer and shout with devilish joy!

I love the horror genre immensely, and I take it personal when I see a horror film that fails to live up to the standards set by those that came before. Very few horror films as of late have made me stand up and take notice. This is one of those films that has the total package, and I knew that within the first five minutes of the film. It's rare to see not only a good horror film, but a GREAT indie horror film that the major Hollywood studios should take extensive notes on. However, knowing Hollywood, they would totally fail the final exam.

CREATURE is one of the BEST horror films of 2011! In a sea where bad horror film remakes and bland sequels run rampant, this film proves that there is still hope for the horror genre, and Fred Andrews and his team are to be praised for their love, devotion, and their gift that they have presented us. Now stop reading this review and go see the film NOW!

CREATURE is currently playing in select theaters nationwide, including at the Mann Chinese 6 Theaters. To view showtimes, visit their website at
For my friends and readers in San Jose and the South Bay, the film is playing at the Camera Cinemas. To see showtimes, visit

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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  1. This sounds very interesting. I wonder if we're going to get it here.