Saturday, June 29, 2013

Phil attends the 16th ANNUAL BRONCHO BILLY FILM FESTIVAL: Day Two, Part Two-Jue 29, 2013

Hello again folks and welcome back to my up to the minute coverage of the 16th ANNUAL BRONCHO BILLY SILENT FILM FESTIVAL! The afternoon show was entitled "Essanay Films Made in Niles." Six historical film were screened, featuring Broncho Billy himself: Gilbert M. Anderson! On the piano for the afternoon was David Drazin!

THE MAKING OF BRONCHO BILLY (1913): The film is an early attempt as what we would call a "prequel." After making several Broncho Billy shorts for the past couple of years, G.M. Anderson decided to give his character a backstory, giving audiences a look at how Broncho Billy came to be. Basically, the East Coast transplant Billy is pretty mush a wimp. He drinks soda pop in a salon, which gets him teased by the locals such as Wilkes (Brinsley Shaw). Soon Billy gets a gun and practices until he becomes an expert marksman. He then sets off to find Wilkes to prove his manhood. This 16mmprint came from the museum's own vault!

WHY BRONCHO BILLY LEFT BEAR COUNTY (1913): This print is from the vaults of the NESFM! Broncho Billy helps out his friend Marion Rivers (Marguerite Clayton) with carrying her drunk father home. Marion repays the favor by preventing Broncho Billy from robbing a stagecoach. Unfortunately her father does rob the stagecoach, so it's up to BB to save the day!

BRONCHO BILLY'S GUN-PLAY (1913): Broncho Billy gets called in by Sheriff Waters (Brinsley Shaw) to help round up a bunch of fierce bandits led by a man called Hawk Eye (Fred Church). The 35mm film print came courtesy from the British Film Institute.

BRONCHO BILLY'S GRATEFULNESS (1913): Broncho Billy wonders in the country with a terrible fever. He stumbles across the home of John Harding (Brinsley Shaw) and his wife (Evelyn Selbie). He gets better and says if they need anything let him now. When Fred Church comes back to attempt to blackmail Mrs. Harding with her old love letters, John hunts him down to kill him. So she aks BB's help to save her husband. The 35mm film print came courtesy from the British Film Institute.

BRONCHO BILLY AND THE SHERIFF'S KID (1913): Our friend Broncho Billy breaks out of jail and hides out in the back country. While the sheriff looks for him, his daughter, while walking home from school, falls down a step cliff. BB finds her and takes her home to her mother. While fetching the town's doctor, he gets shot by the sheriff, but when makes it to back to the sheriff's house, his wife has a story to tell him! The 35mm film print came courtesy from the British Film Institute.

THE SHERIFF'S WIFE (1913): A pair of thieves try to rob the sheriff's house where his wife is safe guarding a bag of gold that was confiscated. Little to the thieves realize is that this one sheriff's wife that you don't want to messed with!!  The 35mm film print came courtesy from the British Film Institute.

And that's it for this afternoon! Now I'll be back later on to talk about the afternoon show! Remember the Broncho Billy Film Festival is going on all this weekend! So make plans to attend this event! To purchase tickets and passes, view the festival's film schedule, and to become a member, visit the museum's official website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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