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Phil's B-Movie Madness: Phil reviews BEACH BABES FROM BEYOND (1993) from Full Moon Features-December 13, 2012

BEACH BABES DVD Cover (2011)
Starring: Sarah Bellomo, Tamara Landry, Nicole Posey, Michael Todd Davis, Ken Steadman, Michael Roddy, Linnea Quigley, Joe Estevez, Albert Andrukaitis, Burt Ward, Joey Travolta, Don Swayze, Jackie Stallone
Written by Alexander Sachs
Produced by Charles Band, Jerry Goldberg, & Karen L. Spencer
Directed by David DeCoteau (as Ellen Cabot)
Originally released by Torchlight Entertainment
Re-released by Full Moon Features

Hello there my faithful followers and welcome to the return of Phil's B-Movie Madness! It's been a long time since I reviewed one of the many classic B-movies that I used to watch when I was younger. Now tonight's film is in my Favorite Top Ten B-Movies of All Time. Featuring an impressive ensemble cast, sophomore humor, cool special effects, and scantily bikini-clad girls, BEACH BABES FROM BEYOND has all the markings to make this a true B-movie classic for the ages!

The film's official synopsis is as follows: An intergalactic babe named Xena (Bellomo) borrows her dad's T-bird ship to do a little planet hopping with her two friends Luna (Landry) and Sola (Posey), but they run out of fuel unexpectedly, and must land on earth. They land on the California coast and run into Dave (Davis), Jerry (Steadman), and Ziggy (Roddy), where they have fun and a few close encounters at the beach. Dave's Uncle Bud (Estevez), who just wants to meditate and hang out, is being threatened with condemnation of his beach house unless he puts some money into repairs. The alien babes offer to enter the local bikini contest with their way-out designs to try and win the money he needs, but they are hampered by garment designer Sally (Quigley) who will stop at nothing to win.

Making cameos in the film are Don Swayze (younger brother of Patrick Swayze) and Jackie Stallone (Sylvester Stallone's mother) playing Xena's parents Gork and Yanna, Burt Ward (Robin from the 1960's TV show Batman) as suntan lotion king Mr. Bun, and Joey Travolta (younger brother of John Travolta) portrays scientist turn vegan snack shack owner Dr. Veg.

Original Promotional Poster (1993)
The film was the first release under the new Torchlight Entertainment banner, a line conceived by Full Moon founder Charles Band, which produced softcore films for the adult market. Band is an icon in the horror film world, having creating the PUPPET MASTER series, the SUBSPECIES series, and the TRANCERS series for Full Moon. His previous company Empire Pictures released such cult classics like GHOULIES, RE-ANIMATOR, TROLL, and FROM BEYOND. In the 1990's Band also created the family oriented company Moonbeam Entertainment to produced films aimed at kids and tweens. Torchlight Entertainment was just another way for Band to tap into a specific type of audience and entertain them the only way he knew how.

The film was directed by David DeCoteau, who was one of the Top Three B-movie directors during the 80s (the other two being Rick Sloane and Fred Olen Ray). DeCoteau has directed several low-budget classics from the 80s, such as CREEPOZOIDS, NIGHTMARE SISTERS, and DR. ALIEN. DeCoteau would also go on to direct films for Full Moon Entertainment: PUPPET MASTER III (1991), THE KILLER EYE (1999), and newest installment of Full Moon's flagship title,  2010's PUPPET MASTER: AXIS OF EVIL. All together, DeCoteau has directed over 80 films in his career!

At the end of every single Full Moon movie, there was a new instalment of Full Moon's VideoZone; a video magazine that contained behind the scenes making of, Spotlight interview, trailers, and ordering cool collectibles. BEACH BABES had it's own as well entitled Torchlight's VideoZone and it was very similar to Full Moon's. Now the VideoZone on the DVD here is different than the original that was seen on the VHS tape. The one on the DVD was the original version, but host Sara Suzanne Brown didn't like the way it was shot and complained to Band, thus having to reshoot her segments. While it was cool to see the original VideoZone, it would've been nice for Full Moon to have the VHS version included on the DVD as well. The transfer of the film isn't that great either, but seeing that this is the only way to watch the film now that the VHS copy is long out of print, I can't complain too much.

All in all, BEACH BABES FROM BEYOND is a cult classic that I hold near and dear to my heart! I rented the film when it first came out back in 1993 and I've held on to my old, beat up VHS tape for all this time. It's great to see it again on DVD. So if you're looking for some light, silly, sexy, B-movie fun, then look no further! 5 out of 5 stars!! Recommended!!

BEACH BABES FROM BEYOND is currently available on DVD. To purchase a copy, visit the Full Moon website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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