Friday, July 13, 2012

Phil attends the midnight screening of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW at the Camera 3-July 7, 2012

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Last night I participated in a midnight tradition that has been going on since 1975. Over at the Camera 3 in Downtown San Jose, I once again attended the midnight screening of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. And as always, my friends from Barely Legal Productions were there to bring the film to life! Joining me on my trip were my good friends Jennifer, her friend Kristin, Leslie, her younger sister Lori, and Leslie's daughter Ocean. However there two new ingredients to the mix: One) This was the special 4th of July presentation screening! And 2) It was my friend Jennifer's birthday!

The Camera 3's lobby was packed full of people, mostly young teenagers and college students, and some of them have never been to a midnight ROCKY screening before! Mmmmm.......I smell virgins! To my surprise, Leslie's sister Lori was also a virgin! OK I knew that tonight was going to be a lot fun!

After the theater was filled, the show began! As always, our host Nate McHavoc was our emcee (and Riff Raff) for this special 4th of July show. He had all the virgins come up and do the butt dance (there were A LOT of virgins), and then sent everyone under 18 years old back to their seats. Those who remained had to answer a series of extremely easy America related questions, with their mouths filled with marshmallows! Yup, nothing says America quite like a mouthful of marshmallows.

Theatrical Movie Poster (1975)
As I previously stated, tonight's theme was America, so some of the cast members wore patriotic costumes during the show. But the best costume was Nate's Bald Eagle costume that he wore during the grand finale of the film! It was hilarious! OK here's a little SPOILER. So for those who haven't seen the film yet (and shame on you if you haven't!), skip this part and go to the end. So in the final scene of the film were Riff Raff and Magenta confront Dr. Frank-N-Furter, there dressed in their alien garb. So naturally, the shadowcast does the same thing. But when Nate instead came out in the eagle costume, I almost died laughing! And what made it even funnier was that Nate just popped his head up and down to make it look like he was talking along with the movie! The whole audience was just laughing and cheering! The lovely Lizzy Bernard looked gorgeous in her Miss America gown, as well did the rest of the crew! Yes folks, fun was had by all!

After the screening, my friends and I kept the party going by heading over to Denny's off of Monterey Road and Alma.Yeah it looked pretty damn hot with yours truly strolling in the restaurant flocked by five women. But this was Jennifer's night, seeing it was her birthday. And I gotta say, tonight was the best present we could've gave her.

So another great midnight screening has come and gone. But don't fret, the Barely Legal crew will be back in San Jose next month. They put on shows all over Northern California, so no matter where you live, there will be a show near you. To learn more about future shows, and how you can become a cast member, visit their website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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