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Phil Goes Bollywood: Phil watches GUZAARICH (2010)-September 6, 2012

Hello again from Bollywood! Today's film has received critical acclaim and awards and nominations in all the leading award ceremonies of the country upon its release. It has been hailed as one of the greatest love stories ever captures on film. Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, GUZAARISH is truly a love story for the ages!

Original Theatrical Poster (2010)
The film's about a man named Ethan Mascarenhas (Hrithik Roshan from AGNEEPATH and DHOOM 2), once a world famous magician who suffered a severe accident that left him a quadriplegic from the neck down fourteen years ago. In the last twelve years, Ethan has written a book and has his own radio show that inspires millions of people. Taking care of him and assisting  these past twelve years has been his nurse Sofia D'Souza (the beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan from PROVOKED, ENDHIRAN, and DHOOM 2). But now with his internal organs failing, Ethan petitions to the court to grant him euthanasia. While his request shocks his family, friends and fans, it's affect on Sophia threatens their relationship. But will the courts grant his request, or will Sophia be forced to watch Ethan slowly suffer and die before her eyes?

The film doesn't fall in the typical Bollywood category. First there's only one real musical dance number, which takes place in a bar that Sophia brought Ethan to. The majority of the film takes place at Ethan's house, which he has been in for the past fourteen years. Second, the film tackles some very controversial topics: the first being euthanasia, which is forbidden in Indian culture. Showcasing the trials and tribulations of a quadriplegic, as well as domestic violence are also explored.

Both Hrithik and Aishwarya have worked together several times before, but not quite like this before. Hrithik's Ethan is the polar opposite of the revenge driven Vijay from ANEEPATH just a few years later. This polarity demonstrates his acting prowess. And Aishwarya is both breathtaking and powerful in her role as the strong, intelligent, and nurturing Sophia. Now usually it's the man saving the woman, but the roles are reversed in this scenario. It's Sophia who is saving Ethan, by taking care of him she's keeping him alive. Both actors have great on screen chemistry, but it helps to have a strong script to give these characters depth. Sanjay Leela Bhansali along with Bhavani Iyer crafted a beautiful story of unconditional love. Plus the film was beautifully shot, courtesy of cinematographer Sudeep Chatterjee. Combine all these elements, and you have one amazing film!

GUZAARICH is one of the most touching love stories ever told! Trust me when I saw that you have never seen a film like this before! Touching, emotional, and heartfelt, the film will no doubt tug at your heartstrings! 5 out of 5 stars! Highly recommended!!

GUZAARICH is currently available on DVD and can be purchased at your local video retailer or at Amazon. Visit their website at

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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