Thursday, September 27, 2012

Phil is quoted in the trailer for HATE CRIME-Setember 27, 2012

For those of you who read my reviews on a regular basis, you may remember that last month I had the privilege of reviewing an exclusive online screening of James Cullen Bressack's new horror film HATE CRIME, which I stated that, "No other horror film has left me this disturbed in quite some time." Well fast forward to Monday, September 24th, and my dear friend from Australia Rhiannon Irons aka Ahlephia (an extremely talented writer for the horror news website Truly Disturbing) tweeted me congrats. Having no idea what she was talking about, I replied back by asking her what she meant. She had informed me that the trailer for HATE CRIME was released and my quote was in the trailer! I couldn't believe it! I logged in on on my iPhone to watch it. And sure enough, about nine seconds into the trailer, there's my quote! The trailer had a series of quotes but mine was the first one! I was totally blown away and completely surprised! But also the trailer for the film looks so sick and grotesque that you can't help but want to watch the film!

How amazing is that trailer? Now this was a brutal movie to watch. The film hearkens back to the early 1970's when horror and exploitation films were so vulgar and so realistic that they were hard to watch. These films just nailed you to the back of the theater. HATE CRIME carries on that spirit, which is what we need now more than ever. With horror movies lacking real scares and true chills these days, here's a film that hits you right in the face! Kudos once again to Bressack for making horror films scary again!

You can follow James Cullen Bressack on Twitter at His film company Psykik Junky Pictures's website is still under construction, but keep your eyes peeled for it to launch soon!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the show!

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  1. Yippee, I got a mention : ) Congratulations once again on getting the mention in the trailer. I'm thinking I should eventually sit down and watch this day soon.
    A hearty congratulations once again, Phil. You deserved it!